Since Autumn 2015, I've been working with Ireland's startup community, creating a visual document that I hope captures their vitality, vibrance and personality, and shows these inspiring individuals as they deserve to be seen. These folks are making some noises, and fingers crossed, we can kick a few dents into how we depict the business community; ditching the creative saccharine and injecting some flavour and colour.     

March on Film (Sugar Club, Dublin)

March on Film is a film making competition and festival, launched in 2014. Curated by Festival Director, Kristian O'Neill, the entrants must make a short film during March, using specific elements outlined by the panel at the beginning of the month. Competition is open to novices and experienced filmmakers alike. A great festival with a great future.

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Hell & Back (Kilruddery Estate, Ireland)

"HELL & BACK, Ireland’s Toughest Mental & Physical Endurance Challenge, is the country’s largest and most popular obstacle course run. We convert stunning private farm estates into adventure playgrounds, where participants must complete a 10-15KM trail route crossing rivers and lakes, climbing hills and mountains and crawling through bogs and swamps. To survive, you must conquer all the elements thrown at you, whether that is the temperamental weather conditions, the gruelling natural environment or the torturous man-made obstacles."

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MMA / 'UFC' Fighting

The British Association of Mixed Martial Arts (BAMMA), based out of London, are the primary MMA representatives in the UK. These images were taken across a number of UK arena dates between 2011-2012.